Hi everybody Hearters , lovers and watchers . So I'm Dina and it's my first Article ever so I hope you'll like it and it will learn you something.

Recently I've noticed that a lot of People was complaining about the fact that white girls do braids and they think that braids Only belong to black people , but I'm not agree with that. I totatly disagree with that because I am a young Black girl and I really appreciate to see one of my White sister wearing braids , because they Slay with it as Black girls Slay with it .

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She rocks with it

Everyone knows that braids were created by black people , but does it means that nobody else can't wear it ? I don't think so .
Nobody complains about the fact that black girls get their hair straigt while their real hair is frizzy , so why do people complains when white girls do braids ?
I think every single Woman is beautiful whatever the hairdressing she does , because no hairdressing belongs to a special race cause in reality there is only one race which is The Human Race .


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Black light skin ,Black girls,White girls,Asian girls , they all Slay with braids

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