• Julian Blackthorn: Froy Gutierrez
boy, froy, and Hot image teen wolf image
  • Emma Carstairs: Kathryn Newton
Image removed Image removed
  • Mark Blackthorn: Ross Lynch
r5, ross lynch, and lynch image r5 and ross lynch image
  • Cristina Rosales: Courtney Eaton
beautiful, girl, and model image courtney eaton image
  • Tiberius Blackthorn: Asa Butterfield
asa butterfield and boy image asa+butterfield+ image
  • Livvy Blackthorn: Odeya Rush
odeya rush image odeya rush image
  • Dru Blackthorn: Brenna D'Amico
descendant, face claim, and brenna d'amico image brenna d'amico image
  • Kit Rook: Colin Ford
Image by Yami Verna colin ford, boy, and under the dome image
  • Perfect Diego: Diego Boneta
celebrities, handsome, and sexy image Image removed