"Too Good At Goodbye" Sam Smith

sam smith house gif singer
this song rlly gets me in my feelings! but sam came back strong

"Praying" Kesha

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"Blue" Troye Sivan (ft. Alex Hope)

aesthetic blue boy blue

"Ill Find You" Lecrea (ft. Troi Kelly)

Superthumb dandelion alternative aesthetic

"Life Of The Party" Shawn Mendes

shawn aesthetic beach boy
Shawn is the cutest and so is this song

"Lost Boy" Ruth B

Superthumb aesthetic grunge couple

"No One" Alicia Keys

animal Superthumb aesthetic aesthetic
fav tb

"This Is What It Takes" Shawn Mendes

aesthetic shawn car aesthetic
such a sweet song! CAN SHAWN LOVE ME LIKE THAT?!?!?

"Little Do You Know" Alex & Sierra

aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic blue

"The Line" DVSN

aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic
yes, its a 7 min song lol!

"Psycho" Russ

Superthumb aesthetic landscape aesthetic

"From The Dining Table" Harry Styles

album harrystyles aesthetic Superthumb
this song just makes me miss Harry ALOT

"Tears" Adam Saleh (ft. zach Knight)

Superthumb aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic
Ok. This song rlly kills me

"Can I Be Him" James Arthur

Superthumb alternative city aesthetic
James Arthur stay putting me in my feelings I SWEAR

"Purpose" Justin Bieber

JB justin bieber JB idol
real quick I just want to say, Im so proud of Justin and I love him so much! this song means so much to him and this song just makes me feel some type of way!

"Thank You" Kehlani

aesthetic album peach aesthetic

"Running Low" Shawn Mendes

autumn forest autumn boy
every time this song play something inside me just melts. not even over exaggerating

"Dusk Till Dawn" Zayn Malik (ft. Sia)

gif zayn malik gif zayn malik
fist off, those two pictures are everything! and idk how but ts gets me hella sad

k I'm done bye! I hope u enjoyed 💞