Hey everyone ! How are you today ? Me, I'm fine. How I say in the title, I want to know you better ! I really want to discover people who have the same passion with me ! As I do not know too much the sites of correspondents, I pass passes by here and it is not worse I think ! After all WHI is a social network (my favorite) ! I want to meet EXO-L all around the world, you can from Korea, Mexico, England, US, it doesn't matter for me ! It will be for me a way to improve my english ! And If you want to learn french, maybe i will able to help you !

I will give you somes facts about me:
- I'm a girl and I have 20 y.o.
- I'm french.
- I can speak english and spanish!
- Later I would like to live in South Korea or in Japan.
- I am Métis
- I like to write (fanfiction)
- I spend a lot of time in my computer !
- I want to learn korean !
- I want to travel the world !
- My favorite manga/anime is Soul Eater
- My favorite TV show is Game Of Thrones
- I love action & fantastic movies (ex: Marvel movies, Lord Of The Rings, Hunger Games, ...)

I hope we have some communs points to share ! (◕‿◕)

if you want to correspond with me, send me a message on WHI @Kaisoodick It will be my pleasure to know you :)

You can follow me on my twitter account but I'm not on it everyday: https://twitter.com/mailysarx

I have a Kakaotalk account, here my ID, add me : mailysarx :)

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Bonus gif of puppy Baekhyun (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)