In the times of our lives,
poles apart are blurred into one
Hold on tight, my dear while I take you
back and forth on what's
sensuous love & sizzling lust

Lust, a demand to whatever turns you on...
whereas love is when you do what turns
them on because seeing them light up
with sexual fire makes you come.

You both are erotically in the moment in lust. Just body on body.

Love? You both have smiles,
despite intense pleasure
there's rumbling laughter.
Pure soul on soul.

Lust is when you can't resist the body, can't keep your hands to yourself at its nakedness.

Love, love is when you see her naked and still just cuddle, satisfied.

Lust, your lips on lips are burning with need. Love, your lips would mould together as if they were cut out from the same sphere of pleasure.

There is a want.

A want that only that particular person can fulfil. Many might come to take care of your needs, but oh love, you'd only want that person.

The only one who burns you up and cools you down.