Hello sweets, it’s been a while since I posted something here on WHI so I thought that writing an article about me could be the best way of returning. Some of you might know about me (some of you might not) and I’d like to introduce myself to the world.

First of all, I created my account about three years ago (2014) and was the kind of user that uploaded original content (edits, etc). It only lasted a year (since I’m lazy af) and now I tend to heart any image that I like. But since then I’m in love with WHI, this platform is so beautiful: the people, the pictures, the collections, THE ARTICLES. I’m sure I would never leave WHI, it is for me a way of scape from the real world (and a place I can procrastinate knowing that later I won’t feel guilty by doing it lmao).

You are boring now, right? So here you have a few facts. Not ex-actly “a few”, I tend to be extra while writing about me since I am not good at expressing my feelings trough words.

🌺 My name is Gabriela but you can call me Gaby.
🌺 I'm currently a 17 yrs old peruvian girl (17/12).
🌺 My mother tongue is spanish.

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Btw, in Peru we don't ride lamas for school.

🌺 Next year I'll start college (environmental engineering), I'm a nerdy and a geek.
🌺 I love singing and dancing, I must admit I am pretty good at the last one.
🌺 I've been a K-pop fan since 2010. My ultimate bias are Hyoyeon from GG and Chanyeol from EXO.

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🌺 There is nothing special in "solarisnotmyname". In 2014 a korean gg debuted (Mamamoo) and the leader's name is Solar, I thought it was cute so I chose it.
🌺 I love travelling.
🌺 I have a dog called Duque (it means Duke in english).
🌺 As you can see guys I'm really into good ortography but I don't mind if other people aren´t as weird and obsessed with it as I am lol.

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🌺 I love tea.
🌺 I love reading books.
🌺 My favourite series are Glee, Atypical, Modern Family, Flash and The Arrow.
🌺 And feminism.
🌺 And "Girls supporting girls".

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🌺 I'm kinda shy with girls because I´ve had bad experiences with past best girl friends. If I'm with boys I feel way more comfortable.
🌺 I'm straight.
🌺 Favourite girl group ever: GIRLS' GENERATION (OT8 and Jessica stand).
🌺 If you visit my IG you can verify how much I love aesthetics, feeds and edition.
🌺 I tend to be very introverted and have lots of deep thoughts.
🌺 Love winter.

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🌺 Giving and receiving respect is my kink.
🌺 I'm also bad at jokes (as you can see) and I'm into sarcasm and black humour.
🌺 I love doing my makeup but I´m not very good at it.
🌺 I have a beautiful relationship with my parents and I also have an amazing little brother, I feel so lucky!.
🌺 You can DM me if you have a problem, I think I´m a very good listener.

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