~About Me~
Before I start of writing more articles and expressing my inner thoughts and ideas, I thought I would share a little bit about me:)

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I will be 20 years old on the 26th of this month!
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I write poems, reflections on what I think/feel or simply experiences I have been through.
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Music is a big motivation and really inspires me. It has helped more than anything so I definitely can't live without it.
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I very much love and enjoy the ocean and all it's beautiful sights.I would not live without seeing or feeling the water against my feet.
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Oh and I could'nt forget food because why not? It's one of my passions!

The Purpose
The main reason why I decided to begin writing articles is because I want to begin to heal. Like many of you, we want to heal and feel better. I do this to relieve some of the things I struggle with, because it's liberating. Not only that, but I want to show others that they are not alone,to help, and to be there. I may be just a girl behind the screen, but to some I can be a friend. So if you just want to relate and get inspiration, or have a friend by your side, I hope you join me in this new process:) So feel free to message me or follow me, as I will continue to write more articles about many things.