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I start my hair routine by shampooing with the Ogx damage remedy + coconut miracle oil, simply because I love the smell. I follow up with my favourite Pantene curl perfection conditioner. I avoid putting any conditioner on my scalp because this is where my hair gets greasy. (This is one of my personal problems but does not apply to everyone.)

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Before rinsing out my hair I use a wide tooth comb to brush my hair. It is very important to only brush curly or wavy hair when it is at least damp if not wet. This will help keep the form of your curls and prevent frizz. Once my hair is tangle free I rinse out the conditioner. I will usually finish off by using a small additional amount of conditioner, scrunching it into the end of my hair and continue this as I rinse it out. Once I get out of the shower I scrunch my hair then add a fairly small amount (Portion will vary for each person, generally I would say the curlier your hair the more you should use. It will also depend on the amount of hair you have.) of the Ogx renewing + argan oil of morocco penetrating oil while continuing to scrunch. If you feel the need you can use a small amount of hair gel or spray in your hands and scrunch it into your damp hair. I do not use any heat on my hair, whether that be flat iron or blow dryer because it damages my curls. This is basically what a do every 2-3 days. Feel free to message me with any questions you have and I will do my best to answer.

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Hope this helped you guys out! Give it a heart if you'd like. XO