you can't drown your demons they know how to swim

basic information

name : Karmen -- but I am always called nugget , and thats it!

birth august 26th 1999 in Camrose Alberta

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brown ish blonde hair
brown ish eyes

Image by nuggett


BLACK!!!! ack! I am obsessed with this colour!

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I am terrified of water! I can't go anywhere near it. I can't even walk over a bridge that has water under it! That is how terrified I am of water!

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favourite season
Summer OR winter! I love the heat and being barefoot! but I love the cold and wearing a toque ;)

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favourite song: tbh anything that is country and has a strong meaning behind it! (ex. What Kind of Love by Dallas Smith OR Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts)

favourite band : ack! I love Rock bands!! I am obsessed with Green Day , Daughtry , Default ,Three Days Grace , Three Doors Down , Skrillex , etc etc

favourite artist (male): I CANT CHOOSE!!!! Luke Bryan , Dallas Smith , Dean Brody , Ed Sheeran , Charlie Puth , Tim Hicks , Sam Smith

favourite artist (female) : uhm tbh most likely Carrie Underwood

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favourite movie: Titanic or The Outsiders! I don't watch movies tbh!

favourite actor: LEONARDO DICAPRIO or ROB LOWE!!!!

favourite actress: Jennifer Lawrence

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Image by Lola McVey

favourite tv show: Hawaii 5-0 , Big Brother , NCIS LA , Amazing Race , Survivor , Pretty Little Liars , SHADOWHUNTERS!!!!!

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I speak fluently Swiss German and can speak English! I want to learn to speak Portuguese and Spanish!

all i need is a cute relationship , a good car , a job and I am good!

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that is all! I hope y'all like this! I am gonna sign off with a shout out to
@17h31 for this idea and a random picture!

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