As a plus size girl with a much different body shape than most of the plus size models in the media, learning to lean out of the "flattering" rule for fashion was difficult. I've seen my body type described on TV as an inverted triangle, i'd say a little more on the ice cream cone side! Also, having like very little boobage eliminates half of the options for tops I could ever possibly buy. So, where's the point, Arabella? Here it is.

Fuck Flattering

Yes, excuse my potty mouth but honestly thats the 1st thing I said on found fashion? I stopped focusing on flattering. I began to shift my focus to fitting, I focused on clothes thats fit & enhanced. For example, I want that fitted dress, I take that dress. If pants fit from the waist down but are not stuck to me at the calf down, that flair or "unfitted" end will enhance my little to no waist, giving a slight illusion. I found I found so many things that "fit" that I would have never have even tried on, that look so good, thanks to me expanding the limit of my comfort zone.

It Really Does Happen

Honey, it going to happen. A month ago, before my cousin's wedding, I was doing really good, losing 10 pounds! However, after that wedding I fell off the great path. Sadly, I fell off for a good 3 weeks or so, taking a while before I came around to accepting it. During this time, the pants that never fit without a belt before, well damn let me say it THEY FUCKING FIT & yes I was devastated. So its going to happen, you might find this roadblock in your path. You might not. As of today, I'm back to my healthy ways again. You will get back to your healthy ways again, you just need to want it! You need to want it like I used to want those tacos!

Pose! Pose! Pose!

At first, I started taking hella pictures of myself in the mirror. I hated all of them, so went outside. Hated them too. They were boring, not cute at all, "not my aesthetic". They enhanced every feature I was insecure about. So I had to go & figure out how to enhance them in a way I FUCKING LOVED. I learned tips, also began to put some life into something as simple as mirror selfies or outfit pictures. Don't assume I know a bunch of tips because I don't, I have soooo much to learn when it comes to the selfie game. I did things like hold the camera higher & playing with the angles. I enhanced my little hips by putting my weight on one side of my body. You might be like "but that's not real" WHO FREAKING CARES AS LONG AS YOU LIKE THE PICTURE! If what you want is to impress a boo or a friend with instagram, then sorry to break it to you but if they see you irl and they don't like what they see, thats on them. NEVER YOU.

Build Up The Love

Build up love for yourself. You hear it all the time, plus I already bought the jeans & I ain't about to return them. So you look in that mirror & forget about you hating those jeans. You tell yourself you are a badass bitch, you look good, are going out, and they better like it!

Share The Love

Yea, share that love hun! Complimenting other body shapes & similar body shapes really made me accept what I looked like in my clothing & love myself where I was at the moment. It's like, You are so full of love, that it gets to the point where hate just doesn't exist. As I scroll through my instagram feed, I make sure to compliment every single person embracing themselves. You never know how far a compliment might go!


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Bye, sunshines! ๐Ÿ’•