Almost all of us on Whi use Instagram as a way of expressing ourselves- whether it be art, music, fashion, etc; however, the thing that really pops out on an Instagram page is THE FEED. So why is it such a trend to have a nice theme? I am assuming because it is very appealing to scroll through photos that 'flow'.


I am going to list all of steps on how to make your feed pretty:


Choose a filter and be consistent. I tend to prefer blu-ish/white filters the most, but I have seen pinks, beiges, and so many more. Choose one that expresses you! I suggest VSCO cam when choosing and applying filters.

vsco and filter image feed, filter, and vsco image filter and photo image vsco, filter, and tumblr image
Here are some filter ideas from my collection

And choosing a nice filter and being consistent will result in a little something like this:

beautiful, blog, and clothes image beautiful, colorful, and fall image city, clothes, and fall image aesthetic, feed, and hipster image


Before you apply the filter to your photo, you may want to edit the picture. I suggest Facetune as being your top app. I use it to whiten teeth and fix 'yellow' photos, make my make-up pop, detail objects that I clearly want shown, and fix the tones of the photo. It cost money but it is totally worth it! I would also suggest an app called UNUM. This app allows you to view your feed before you actually post it. It's so helpful and amazing.


Let's say you take a photo of a shopping haul. You sprawl all of your goodies on your bed for a cute Instagram picture. Before you post the image on Instagram, tag that brands from which those items came from (like Forever 21, Tarte, etc.). Trust me, it works if you want more followers and activity.


Geotag your photo, BUT BE CAREFUL! This way, people around you can see what you posted and that can help create more activity for your page.


Hashtag your photos. Go into your notes and make a list of hashtags that you want to apply to your post, that way you don't waste time rewriting the hashtags for every post. Also, post the hashtags in the comments, not the caption.


Your bio needs to be pleasing. Do not include tons of emojis or unnecessary details. Make it short, simple, and cute.


Go through hashtags and like other Instagrammers photos. A lot of times, they will like your photos back and sometimes will even follow you.


That concludes this article! Please keep in my mind that I am not trying to dissuade how you run your instagram, because that is totally up to you. This article is simply based on how to make your page more appealing to others. Also, feel free to follow my Instagram page: @glorioxs. I am currently in the process of applying these tips as I just started my Instagram. I will be posting more on Instagram once I can get myself together. I hope all of this advice helps you!

September 8, 2017 by Lana K.