"Tell me what you love about me"

The Tv showed an A-list multimillion dollar house, complete with a spectacular view, modern look, and a swimming pool. I pulled a chair up by the guys, who were intently watching the program. I watched too, popping grapes in my mouth from a paper napkin.

"I wonder where they found a house like that to film this," someone said.

"I don't know," any other one answered.

I stood up from the chair while swallowing the last grape and squeezed the napkin in my hand. Then I proceeded to say to them, "__, if you and I lived in a house like that, we'd be having sex every night." From the other boys came instant laughter and "ooohhs". But he was quiet, most likely smiling down from the couch. I smirked to myself as I retreated to the kitchen, throwing my napkin in the trash.

Just as the lid closed, ___ came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. I could tell by his movements that he was amused by my comment, making me feel even prouder. We often humored each other like that.
His grip became firm and he rested his face in my neck.

"Let's go upstairs," he whispered. I smiled in response and grabbed his hand.

We snuck down the hall and scurried up the stairs, hoping none of his friends would hear us. I don't think they did.
We locked ourselves in his bedroom. He took off his shirt and we had a heated makeout session. Five minutes later we were strewn across his bed, with my shirt on the floor and my jeans unbuttoned. He sat up against the headboard and I sat on his lap, facing him. I wrapped my hands at the back of his neck and he held my waist. We just sat like that, looking at each other, trying to regulate our breathing.

His perfectly toned abdomen moved with his diaphragm, and I couldn't help myself from sneaking peaks.

"Babe," he said, looking into my eyes.
His gaze moved down to my bra, and I sensed his lust.
"You look good in Calvin Klein."
I laughed and pressed my body closer to his.