Hi there! I would first like to thank you guys for all the love you gave my other two articles. almost 400 hearts for my one article? 100 on my other? You guys are the best. Thank you for listening. So, I wanted to tell my followers more about me, so heres some random facts about Emily!

I mean, lets start with my name. My name is Emily. My mom was watching Friends, and when they introduced Emily, she really liked it. So, I was named after a girl from Friends. Do not worry, my middle name has more significance to my family.

I love the colors navy blue and grey. Either paired together, or just by themselves.

I assume you guys know this, but I thought I should mention it. I love Panic! At the Disco, Fall Out Boy, Twenty One Pilots, My Chemical Romance... and so on. Ive been to a few concerts and I saw Kinky Boots, which was truly a life changing experience.

I love making mistakes, for the obvious reason that you learn lessons. It gives you an opportunity to move on and become stronger.

I love autumn! My school has the best football games. They sell Chic Fil A and hot chocolate and everyone meets up in fun sweaters and boots and messy buns and sits and watches the game together. Homecoming is in the fall time and we take it VERY seriously. We make floats and make skits and tshirts and we have a Spirit Week.

I am Italian, so my family has dinners where my cousins and other relatives go and we have raviolis/pasta and meatballs. I have Italian food a lot.

I have a love for looking for shells and the ocean. I really like how the ocean looks against a grey sky with fog, I have no idea why. Aesthetic Af.

I am a Sophomore in high school.

I play tennis, and I am very proud of how much I have improved this last year. Still not varsity, but I'm hoping for next year. I run the 800 in Track, which I am not too good at yet. I dance, I've been dancing for 12 years. I do tap, jazz, ballet, and lyrical. But I really wanna try hip hop!!!

I hope to shout out my instagram soon so you guys can follow me and see my other photography I do not post here. I am still debating it because I do not want creepers seeing my home town and stuff, but I guess we will see. I will shout it out when I get a bigger following.

Thank you for reading! (Btw, that picture is of me, and so are the pictures from my other two articles lol!)