As I feel sometimes that you care about be, as I feel other times that I am the last person you want to see.

You know, the world is somewhat so damn selfish. Why is that? Everybody will be gentle to you as long as you have something to give to them. Otherwise, no one talks to you and I think that's so sad. I think we should live in a world where you love someone for what they are, not for what they can give to you.

I won’t lie to you, the taught to take my life is with me every day, eeevery day I think somehow that life is not made for me. I am too sensitive, I care too much and I am too gentle with everyone. For me, getting hurt by people is too easy and I suffer every day from it.

Every day, there is something there to hurt me, to make me feel useless or unwanted. Every morning, when I get up, I never got the chance to say « wow, this is gonna be a great day » because I know it isn’t.

On this Friday night, I don’t feel quite good and you know what? I have no one to go out with, no one to talk to because all my friends are with other people and don’t seem to want to invite me, I am all alone and so tired of the idea of it.

You know, these days are quite tough for me and none of my friends are really there to support me, I am all alone. I can’t do it anymore. Everyone tells me to wait, so that time will repair things and that everything is going to be fine. Well, when is it? because i’ve been waiting for a long fucking time so that things get better and they don’t, they just don’t. You can compare life for me with space, the dark emptiness is my life and the stars are the little parts that are fun about it.

I have never been truly happy, and I never will.