Q and A - 1 - I have a boyfriend?!

> I’m not telling you it's going to be easy — I'm telling you it's going to be worth it.

September 9, 2017

This article is based on the questions you asked me!


What song are you currently listening to?
I cry by Flo Rida


What's your highest following collection?
My collection with the most followers is VSCO and what's even crazier is that I only started it like a couple of weeks ago!


What book are you currently reading and what's your favourite book series?
I’m currently reading IT and it has to be the best book by far that I've read in a long time! My favourite book series has to be series of unfortunate events which I read in Grade 6.


How old are you?
I’m not saying but technically I could star in Riverdale..


Do you have a boyfriend?
I actually wish I did, I have never felt this lonely before as all my friends have a boyfriend or they are being “razzed” and then there's me who everyone says is pretty but I don't even know if anyone likes me. I really wish surfer boy would like me but eh I guess not…


Where do you live?
Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, OI! OI! OI!


What's your favourite piece of clothing?
I don't quite get what you're getting at but I love my cropped jumpers!


Have you ever been asked out?
No and yes…. It's complicated. I was the only girl invited to a gold game waaay back.


Are you a tomboy, girly, emo..?
I use to be tomboy and then I went goth but like now I'm in between tomboy and girly…. My mum says I also have a grunge look so probs a bit girly and grunge.


How many piercings do you have?
Well I have 6 piercings, 2 lobes, 1 helix and 1 nose piercing; Today my Viscom teacher told me off for my nose piercing.. oh well.


Thank you to the people who sent in questions! I may be doing Q and A’s every month I don't know.
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