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#Hi!Hi!Hi! With Your Permission Let Me Introduce Myself To You ^_^

I'm a 16 years old girl living in a big city,go to the big highschool and have a big dreams to carry in my heart.
I'm from Turkey and my native language is Turkish but I know English too.
I have a lot of life goals and dreams but just one topic; I said to myself all the time you must have love, respect and hope in your heart... I really really hate all the kind of hatefulness and bias .I try to fill my heart and brain with beautiful words, informations and dreams.

Usually people said to this sentences to me ; ''you're shy and kind'' , ''you're very coldblooded'' yeah I think these are true and I'm happy about that. I want to share just my two good characteristic but I have a lot of good and bad characteristic of course.^_^
I really want to tell you; feel free to send me a postcard,a question,a word maybe we have to be friend who knows : )
And these are short sentences about me -If you read this hurry up and do your article don't forget to send me too ^_^-
++ I make heart since 2013 or 2014 in WHI
++ My horoscope is Taurus and my ascendant sign is leo
++ I obsessed in coffe and cherry juice
++ I'm in love with rainy and cold days
++ I love all colors but my heart belonging to blue
++ I'm the lover for all music kind and I play guitar
++ I use glasses PS I'm a little bit nearsighted but don't tell anyone this is a magical information just me and you know : )
++ I have a tatto in my right hand wrist
++ I love and stand Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez since 2009
++ I love and know all the celebrity but I stand counted people
++ I love kpop,kdrama,anime,manga
++ I'm a new kpop fan actually I stand BTS and I love a lot of kpop boy groups just I'm try to get to know about them but if you ask to me who is your girl in kpop ı said Ailee and EXID
++ I'm a jikook (BTS)shiper
++ I love my family,friends,music,fandoms,ship,people-celebrities- and get to know about my life

Yeah! Thats it! I make it! Actually thats a face value I have a lot but not in my mind right now.
.-..-..-..-.I wish a pretty heart clear mind lovely life fill of hope,dreams and success all of us.-.-.--..--.-.-

!!!!!!You can find me any time in my WHI canvas, heart and collections .

  • Stay Tuned ^_^