1. Go up to one random boy and ask him for his phone number. (it can be local)

2. Kiss a random boy on the cheek. (he can be local)

3. Go into any restaurant, choose a random person, and eat from their plate. (you may want to run afterwards)

4. Go to an store (any store) or the mall, find a person with a bag (not their purse their shopping bag), snatch it, then run.

5. Stop at a red light, get out your car, pull down your pants, then spread your ass on a random person window.

6. Run into a hospital and pretend to be a doctor or nurse for 9 mins.

7. Sit on a strangers' lap for 10 whole seconds.

8. Remove your panties in public and give 'em to a local guy.

9. Go into a clothing store put on a shirt or a pair of shoes and leave without paying.

10. Passionately kiss a stranger on the street.

11. Dumpster Dive for 20 seconds.

12. Draw a penis on your forehead (or have someone else do it) with a permeant marker and go out in public.

13. Scream you'll fuck anything with legs in the street.

14. Beg a stranger on the street for money and it adds up to $20

15. Find a dude that may have a wife/girlfriend and dance (sexually) on them for 10 seconds. (Dare can be reversed)

Each dare that is completed each person that is playing has to give up $5.
These will be updated rarely