Never believe a person when they say they love you. A person has to show they love you before they can tell you. Take an abusive man. He's abusive when he's drunk, but when he's not he tells his wife he loves her. Actions speaks louder than words? False. You can't tell a woman that you love her than turn around and break her heart that's toxic.

Fellas never use Google puns to try to win or score the girl simply a walk on the beach, a quick cup or coffee, or a movie date will do.

Girls never have to pay for your own dinner at a dinner date because that's a sign right there he's not worth your time. "I forgot my wallet can you pay?" That's okay then, well maybe not because he'll start "forgetting his wallet" at every date you guys have.

Both guys and girls. Never ever take that person back if they cheat on you I don't care how whipped (in love) you are that's a indication that it's okay to cheat and they'll keep doing it.

If your spouse lies to you about everything they're indeed a compulsive liar and it'll become there habit. End it there.

Guys never go all out for a girl because some of us are gold diggers. Start off simple like flowers, chocolate, or even a stuff animal. If your girlfriend isn't impressed by that then run because they're looking for jewelry, money, or expensive clothing.