What to Wear; Spring is a season you can rock any floral and a pair of sandels. Wear at least one skirt, a dress, or a pair of shorts throughout the week, but have a light coat with you.


What to Wear; Summer the season for bikinis, t-shirts, sun dresses, and flip-flops. During the summer time a sun dress and a pair of flip-flops is what you need.

Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water lemonade is always good too.

Autumn (fall)

What to Wear;

Autumn is where all sweaters and boots comes out from hibernation.

Pumpkin spice and caramel lattes' take place. Best of all candles do smell good!


What to Wear;

Winter is where all gloves, scarfes, long coats, hoods and boots. Keep yourself warm during this weather.

Best of all there will be snow! Try not to freeze to death.

Hot coca with marshmallows and smores!