hi, here's a poem i wrote :)
if someone could dm me some constructive feedback (as harsh as you like, but fair) that would be great! it's for an english task and will be entered in my school's creative writing competition.
kind regards xx


her face, a work of art
a unique masterpiece
but like any great picasso
secrets hid
behind the embellished canvas

the loving
the hurting
thrown empty compliments
hollow hugs
smaller the clothes, bigger the confidence

built up
stripped down
one move
one word
one boy

her boy
gifted with a prize
the others couldn’t afford
wrapped in silk
right under his nose

he threw it back
piece by piece
tossed around
but her heart wasn’t a game
he could score points with
like his mother’s vase
fragile things

her picasso face
her broken mind
her broken heart
camouflaged behind
her picasso face