Hey guys I'm back with more advice and this time it's from my own experience!!

Number #1: Clothes.

Never ever try to copy anybody's style because you may not be comfortable wearing their style. People are unique in their own way just because that one preppy girl calls you 'weird' for wearing baggy jeans & a long white tee with some cowgirl boots doesn't mean it's true that's just your style. Me, myself, I personally I dress aesthetic because it matches my personality wear an outfit that SCREAMS you.

Number #2: Friends.

Never trust anyone guys. You may think 💭 you've got a best friend, but you really don't. A person is different not special which mean they'll find some sort of way to talk trash about you behind your back. Be careful who you hang around/out with because they'll end up turning on you in tight situations.

Number #3: Confidence.

If a person tells you, you aren't beautiful don't listen to them!! God (or whomever you may believe in) put you on this Earth for a reason because he thought you would look great along with all of this beautiful stuff (nature). God created us in our own very unique way. Just because you haven't sat with the popular kids doesn't mean you're not beautiful, just because your crush hasn't asked you out doesn't mean you're not beautiful, & just because you haven't had a boyfriend/girlfriend doesn't mean you're not beautiful. You're special, you're unique, & you're loved.

Number #4: Personal Hygiene.

Males: Keep at least a thing of deodorant with at all times please don't want your girlfriend or crush around when you're smelling like old garbage.

Females: Keep your private area clean, wear lotion & perfume, & always wear clean clothes. (goes for you too guys)

Never fart in public or try to blame it on someone else jeez guys that's disturbing, disgusting, & immature. I know farting is part of human nature, but please don't go out that way.

Number #5: Expenses/Currency.

I know when you're teenager all you see is clothes and dollar signs, but you have to be smart when you spend your money or you're going to end up broke. Keep a notepad around with you write down everything you need before entering the store. Have your calculations right and scaled out at all times because those cashier are smart & will try to cheat you out of your money!!


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