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🌷>10 frases en inglés para expresarse como te sientes en una foto

Acá te dejo las 10 frases en inglés para que puedas expresar como te sientes en una foto 🐳💙¡!

1-Love is a spark lost in the dark❤️✨.
2-My heart is perfect because you're inside💜❗️
3-A friend comes early, others when they have time👯💔.
4-Everyone sees what you appear, but few see what you really are🔐💕.
5-When you lose, don't look at what you lost, look what's left to win💪🏼💚.
6-I love you not only as you are, but as I am when I am with you🤗💙.
7-As you remember if you start to forget the forgetting of forgetting me and I begin to remember😍💟.
8-The smile is the only virus that doesn't harm the soul😁💘.
9-In something as small as a tear,drop something as big as a feeling💦💝.
10-You will accomplish everything that you propose✊🏼💛.

•(A veces me pasa que no se me traduce la descripción, si también les pasa a ustedes y quieren saber la traducción de alguna frase, escribirme por dm❗️💚💦)

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