Ok this is the last part of BOY GROUPS (╥_╥).
First of all i wanna Thank you for all your support in this saga, hope you give this groups an opportunity and stand them¡¡

  • This part is BEST OF THE BEST, so the best for me is in the very last.

Let's begin...



andy, eric, and orange image

They are Legends (Literally) they lead 19-year career with brotherhood, music, experience and more.
They have everything that makes a great KPOP group, but also with a family feeling.

kpop, k pop, and hyesung image
My Bias Here is: Hyesung
  • Recommended Songs:
team, korea, and kpop image
gif, korean, and mv image
VENUS (Amazing)
andy, gif, and tumblr image
This Love (So good)
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andy, eric, and 신화 image
Poor Leader :)
shinhwa image
andy, shin hyesung, and kim dongwan image
Best Fandom (CHANGJO)


kpop, winner, and yg image winner, aesthetic, and grunge image
They are my MVP

They came out of a survival program called W.I.N (Who Is Next?) the loser team of this survival program in IKON.
The compose thier songs and contribute their ideas for each album, they have a great teamwork, great vocals and rappers.
They have a bad time with the exit of the main vocalist Nam Taehyun ( ╥ω╥ ).
Also they have amazing songs maro ballads (i know) but they have a unique style.

taehyun, winner, and nam taehyun image
My Always Bias Here: Nam Taehyun
  • Recommended Songs:
dance, gif, and jin woo image
black and white, taehyun, and color ring image
COLOR RING (Best of Best)
kpop, mv, and winner image
I'M YOUNG (Taehyun Solo, Great Song and MV)
aesthetic, art, and winner image
Really Really (Amazing OT4)

Other song could be: Baby Baby, Different, Fool, Empty, Inmature.

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Seungyoon a cutie
gif, parody, and funny image
Seunghoon being Seunghoon


Ikon, bobby, and jinhwan image
My Hip Hop Babies

They participated in W.I.N as a team B and lose (-_-) and the next year participated in a survival program called Mix & Match and form a 7 member group.
They have a strong Hip Hop vibe that mixed with power vocals and great dance also a amazing teamwork create a great Group.

bobby, gif, and Ikon image
My Bias Here Are: B.I & BOBBY
  • Recommended Songs:
bi, donghyuk, and bobby image
CLIMAX (Mix & Match)
airplane, gif, and Ikon image
AIRPLANE (Favorite ever)
gif, Ikon, and Hot image
B-DAY (Waeng waeng)
Ikon, kpop, and wyd image
오늘 모해(#WYD) (So beautiful)
Ikon, bobby, and jinhwan image
APOLOGY (I Love This Song So Much)

All their songs are really good so hear them all, they have everything.

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bi, funny, and kpop image
LOL (Winner & Ikon)
Ikon, kpop, and b.i image
Hanbin being Hanbin
bobby, Ikon, and june image
Jinhwan & B.I


bts, jin, and v image

Well they are making known KPOP i know and i'm really thankful.
I love their music, Kings of dance, great vocals and visuals, so good rappers, So great teamwork.

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My Bias Here Is: JUNGKOOK
  • Recommended Songs:
Image removed
War Of Hormone (My always MVP)
run and bts image
RUN (Good MV)
gif, not today, and bts image
NOT TODAY (Good Perfomance)
aesthetic, gif, and Lyrics image

I Dedice to divide this in two parts because this going to be super large.

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