i love fashion. i don´t have money. and in my free time i like to create situations to develop looks for them. like a math problem, do you know?
and in this problem, kids, we got a fashion week! In this situation what should we use?

First, don´t try be so much glam. the Fashion Weeks are always amazing moments for us who love this world but the focus should be on the new collections, not an extravagant outfit, right? and, of course, the real fashion lovers don´t need too much to be remembered.

So what should be your must have for this week?

Trends with style. you need to know what´s hot right now and wear it with your own style, with your own version.

Pants with a different material. they are comfortable and leather or latex looks stunning!

White t-shirts. the most key piece in your closet, with the right quote, you will show personality without opening your mouth.

Overlay items. Fur coats, denim jackets, bomber jackets or cardigans, it´s your choice! this items will add the air of "i know what i´m doing here" for you outfit.

Boots. over the knee, latex ones, velvet ones, buskin boots... you decide without afraid, honey!

Now, for more inspiration, i will share my favorites outfits from the last Fashion Week in New York with you guys because i´m a very nice girl ;) #justkidding

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Okay guys, this is the end. i hope you guys had enjoyed as much as me imagining this glorious day! haha

Untill the next article!

all the love, K!