How To: Survive High School.

Never hang out with the wrong crowd.

Results: Grades will start to drop, will get in trouble often, & will be blamed for almost everything.

Never try to be "the class clown".

Results: People will think you're a joke, you definitely won't be taken seriously (especially if something bad happens), & I promise people aren't laughing with you they're laughing at you.

Never try to be popular.

Results: Uhm unless you don't want to be like Regina George from Mean Girls I suggest you not + you don't want anyone changing your personality.

P.s. Kiddos always study & work hard if you want to maintain good grades. Don't try to be like the cool kids & slack off because trust me you'll end up working at a fast food restaurant instead of becoming or getting the dream job you've always wanted.

ALWAYS HAVE A PLAN B. Especially directed towards what you want to be when you grow up. If you want to be an actor, dancer, singer, artist, or anything between the line have a backup plan.

Stay away from problematic people because they'll always bring drama.