You know that feeling when you just adore someone too much?

I mean this someone can also be your pet or your friend.

You have that feeling of a spreading warmth that you want to protect them with all you've got?

You want to wrap them up in your arms and hold them like the precious being they are, not for their looks or their words, but for their soul. They are the perfection to you.

This scene makes me cry everytime, not because Elsa is sad and crying, because Anna had the courage to face her sister and actually give her all the love, from deep in her soul to literally embracing her and taking all the things that hurt her deep inside. She had to sacrifice her comfort and freedom, her whole being.

It is beautiful to think, humans are capable of this gift, to give up whats so dear to you, your anything for this feeling of seeing that someone smile from the depth of their heart. Genuine and honest.

Do you think people still appreciate the feeling of a hug after knowing each other so long?

That embarce means all the love and sacirfice in the world. Someone ready to carry you when it gets heavy.

I hope we all get to experience this atleast once.