Music speaks more than words. I wish words could all be music.

Hello! This is my first time writing an Article, since I heard about the new update of WHI. This is an amazing, I adore this new feature ❤. So, I've been on WHI about few years. WHI has helped me through hard times and it really does make me happy. I hope you have a nice day or a nice night. Message me if you want because I want to meet new friends around the world!

Okay, my name is Aria but I go as Mochi here. I am 16 years old and currently in 11th grade. I'm half Deaf, I cannot hear in my right ear. I like drawing, editing, listening to music (hearing the vibration), and dreaming. I enjoy watching anime and reading manga, so here's my favorite:

anime, tamako market, and couple image clear card image Image by томаснаи kiznaiver and anime image

I welcome anyone that wants to be friends and can share our same interest. My collections is mostly anime, but I also do fashion, lifestyle, and food ✿
So, hey let's be friends!