Kept you on my heart
Kept you on my brain
But all you kept from me
Was the memory or a blur

I told me you loved me
While you loved my physique
And I gave it to you
As if I didn't need it

When you got tired of it
You just threw me away
Without even blinking once
Or even thinking on me

Why cry over eyes
That aren't looking,
Eyes that never looked?
Yet, I still cried.

I was stupid
I thought I had you to myself
When you had other girls
Waiting for themselves.

I didn't know if I could
Still keep the façade
But I tried to make it better
For both of us.

You wanted no part
And I had to wait
Patiently like art
sitting in a studio all day

Yet the canvas was almost full
When I felt it rip
It ripped harder
Than the material could resist

And that's when I broke
When my madness took over
My mind was now
Nothing but leftovers

Guess I'm the crazy one
Guess you were right
Only one of us is coming out alive
And one will die

You kept fooling around
Even when I warned you
A girl made you feel loved
But she cut you through

Karma is a bitch
But she knows what she does
Now I came alive
And you are the one to die.