Quick Disclaimer: I'm not trying to offend people to make them feel bad. Frankly, you have full right to click out of this whenever you feel like it. But if you do chose to stay, let me just ask that you PLEASE let me speak freely about this topic. THIS ARTICLE IS NOT FOR EVERYONE!

What I want to address today is... Why are people switching out of college majors they clearly love and going for something completely different?

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NO, this is not for people who found a new love for some other major. I support people that just wanna do what they love. THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT OF THIS ARTICLE!

I'm talking about people who have loved something since they were young and were consistently loved it over the years. Then one day, they realized that the thing they truly loved, doesn't make loads amount of money as they thought it did and switch to something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

I'm not talking about like little changes where they're still in the field but a different job. Nope, the ones where it's like they are trying to compare apples to pomegranates like it's the same damn thing!

Like, how in the hell are you gonna make that big of a leap for something I'm not even sure you---yourself like!?!

This is like me saying I'm going from a writer to a CIA agent or something.

These are the people who love what they wanted to be, then find out that they don't make that much money, and go for something they--- and this is where I get pissed--- sort-of like that makes a shit ton of money.

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Like if I'm in the hospital, having a damn asthma attack then I finally meet my doctor, Dr. Whoeverthefuck (who really wanted to be an astronaut and thought it was a one-in-a-million shot to be one, so he chose this career instead), I'm literally gonna be praying that I see the light before he/she puts his hands on me.

(Okay, not that extreme but I am gonna request that I see another doctor that actually loves his /her job.)

I cannot put my life in your hands! Like I sort-of like living, so don't just sort-of like your job!

Also, you who sort-of-like-your-new-career are taking up much deserved space for people who actually wanted to be a doctor, lawyer, stripper etc.

You are cheating not only those people who want to be in the class, you are cheating yourself and will always be wondering... "What if..."

News Flash: There's more to life than making money.

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For example, how about being happy? How about being healthy? How about not waking up with regret in the future? How about becoming a mentally stable human being?

Cause real talk, you gonna lose your mind waking up to that job you didn't want in the first place.

Have you ever met those people who had a job for like 10, maybe 20 plus years and now talk about reinventing their lives at like mid 40 or 50's?

Like this could be your mom, dad, older brother or sister, even family friends, and you give them that look like 'idk wtf you talking bout cuz, but I still kinda support you.'

I know you love them, but this is the moment we tryin' to avoid!

Here's some healthy advice, do what you love. Or at least research something else in the vicinity of what you wanna major in and make them backup plans!

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Like not everyone likes school! Do you really wanna spend another few years in school studying something you don't love?

So I'm just gonna cut this off here and call this part one.

Part Two, I'm gonna go into all the parts (concerns and/or excuses) that we all hear, tell and/or think about every now and again.

And trust me, I got a whole lot to say about my own experiences with these!

Like I said though, this article isn't for everyone. I'm not trying to drag people! I just wanted to speak my peace.

Heart this if you want. If you know a person who's going through this inner crisis, let 'em know the risks of not doing what they love just cause of money issues.

I hope I enlightened people today.
This was for everyone (who qualifies that is)...
Take care of you...