There's something about the-popular-high-school-girl aesthetic that I love. I don't know wether it is because of their giant closet or how they get away with everything. The point is that we all want to be like them. I analyzed my favourite TV characters with these features and compared them.

Blair Waldorf

blair waldorf and fashion image
from Gossip Girl

This NYC socialité who has a great wardrobe like everyone on this list has left us some great jewel-looks, even though this is from the 00's decade (a style challenging decade, to be exact). The classic touch she adds to her looks is her distinctive in this transition era.

blair bag chanel blair

Cher Horowitz

Clueless, shopping, and alicia silverstone image
from Clueless

So here comes another one with a one-of-a-kind wardrobe (anyone who has seen this classic can tell). I think she's the maximum representative of that 90's fashion aesthetic and, as it is a hot trend right now, I suggest you watching this movie to take style-notes from this it-girl.

classy 90s alicia silverstone aesthetic

Sharpay Evans

ashley tisdale, glitter, and pink girl image
from High School Musical

Without her, this list would be incomplete. Same era as Blair, we have seen her with some 00's risky looks, but she is to most of us a childhood fashion icon for obvious reasons. Fucsia is her unmistakable sign of identity and her mark of fabulous.

broadway car bitch Superthumb

Serena Van Der Woodsen

blake lively, fashion, and gossip girl image
from Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl has done it very well in introducing SchoolGirlCool girls as seen before with Blair. In a way Serena is similar to Cher because they are nice to everyone else. Back to fashion, Serena can wear pretty much anything, because her style is not very specific, if that makes sense. But overall she's really into boho-chic style, which is so 2012 and she gets extra points for living in New York.

actress blair bridge blake lively


What they all have in common is a strong personality and ambitious aspirations. It is not the clothes what makes the character, it is their attitude towards problems. Fashion is only one of their multiple weapons, but it is the most visual sign of their power of conviction.

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