Hey, all! Or, well, specifically, my AWESOME FOLLOWERS!! :0 !! All 2000+ :3

Recently, I've been gaining a lot of you guys, so hi! Thank you so much for following me! Glad to know that you're enjoying the content in my collections. :D I hope that that includes my articles too, since I pride myself in writing. *sheepish smile* If you ever want to get to know me more, feel free to send me a postcard, or heart this article so that I get a sign to write more! The kind of topics I like to cover could possibly be considered your usual complaints, but seen and written in a different perspective that isn't yours โ€” it's mine. And that's what makes it better, right? Different opinions, more knowledge on how other people's minds work!

Sometimes when I put too much emotion, or I have too much emotion at the moment when writing, things are messy. But all that matters is the reality of it all. :)

I hope to write more, like maybe put up an article on why I like to read, write, and how I started up my WeHeartIt account. ^ - ^

Once again, thank you so much for following me.

Much love <3,

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