I´ve decided to start a new thing called "Artist Recomendation of the Month", which will consist of me recommending an artist that I´ve been listening to in the past month. If anyone wants to recomend me an artist that you like through postcards, I will be glad to accept it! I always love finding new artists. It doesn´t matter if the band or singer is old or isn´t too popular.

This month I have decided to recommend Linkin Park!

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Linkin Park is an American rock band that rose to international fame with their debut album Hybrid Theory.

Unfortunately I discovered this band after knowing about the tragic death of its singer, Chester Bennington. Even though I knew some songs, I never took time to listen to them. But hearing about his death made me really devastated, as if I was a fan of them. So, I decided to know more about them and listen more to their music. I don´t regret this decision.

  • Favourite song: The Messenger and One More Light.This songs became very special to me and I only listen to them when I´m alone. They bring me comfort, make me feel better and make me cry too.
  • Favourite album: I´m very new to their music and I haven´t listened to all their albums. But, at the moment, my favourite album is One More Light.
  • Favourite lyrics: "When life leaves us blind, love keeps us kind" (The Messenger)
  • Honorable mention:Another song I absolutely adore but it´s not my favourite from them is Shadow of the Day. It´s incredible and deserves a big shout out.
  • You should listen to them beacause: This band develops different styles in their albums. Not everyone will like them as soon as their hear them (it took me some time and some songs to do so), but they have amazing lyrics and rhythms that will leave you speechless.
  • First song I listened from them: I think that I´ve heard many songs from them without knowing they were Linkin Park. I guess it was Numb.
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That´s all from now! I hope you enjoyed it and give them a try as they are a band that deserves to be listened to. Don´t forget to give me some music recommendations for next month in the postcards. Lots of love,

PS:Sorry for my grammar or preposition mistakes. I´m from Argentina and english is not my first language.