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School is back up and running and I am loving the life of Senior High 🙂 With a small school of about 100, I've known the same people my entire life which is so great. We get very few new students throughout the year but its great to earn someone new to the classroom. So if you are starting new this year or continuing in your local school, this is for you 👍

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So imagine you are in their shoes for a moment. Would you feel shy, nervous, and slightly scared? Remember this quote:

"Treat others the way you want to be treated"

Wouldn't you want people to be nice and friendly to you? Welcome the new people in your life with a smile 😁

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I am a very shy person and not one to approach many people, but if you see someone that you want to be friends with...Be Brave!! You can do it trust me!! All it takes is a simple: "Hello, how are you?" and you should get a reply back. Small talk is also good as long as u keep the conversation going. You will get to know each other better and learn something about each other.

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But if you have/want closer friends its the same steps too. Hang out, talk, tell eachother secrets, and gossip 😉 Whatever floats your boat! As long as you are a loyal and committing friend to one another, you will stay close friends for a very long time.

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