snsd, girls' generation, and seohyun image
seohyun - love and affection

(you should listen don't say no too❣❣)

babe, concept, and girl image
hyuna - babe

(its so catchy♥)

exo, kpop, and chanyeol image
exo - power, kokobop


snsd, taeyeon, and girls generation image
taeyeon - i blame on you, love in color


girls generation, jessica, and korean image
jessica - beautiful mind

(aesthetic queen)

roa, yuha, and pristin image
pristin - we are pristin

(rookie of the year)

Inspiring Image on We Heart It
hyoyeon - mystery

(snsd's real boss)

Image by larraine valerio
tiffany - talk

(i need a solo comeback)

girls generation, snsd, and Sunny image girls, k-pop, and yehana image kpop image jessica jung, jessica, and girls generation image
yes, im a s♥ne. i stan exo and pristin too!1!1!

#Thanks for reading it, i hope you liked it♡

see you soon

xx, mg