Hellos. This is about to be one boring article.
Well to start off, my name is Mariah but I prefer to be called Adan. (I don't like my name). I'll just answer the following questions.

1.Hair color? Black. (About to dye it Purple)

2.Eye color? An ugly shade of brown

3.Age? 15

4.Zodiac sign? Sagittarius

5.Favorite band? Tame Impala

6.Favorite Singer? Lana Del Rey (I love her so much oml)

7.Favorite song? The Hill by Braiden Williams

8.Favorite movie? Happy Gilmore

9.Favorite color? Yellow.

10.Ethnicity? Hispanic

11.Scars? On my right arm and knee and left eye because of a car accident.

12.Biggest Insecurity? My weight. How I look. I feel like I annoy everyone around me and that's the reason they never stay.

13.Fear? Ummm... heights, the dark, small spaces.

14.Any disorders? I have Bulimia but i'm trying to work on it.

15.Hobbies? Photographing, Baking, Sleeping, Writing, Watching Netflix, Listening to music.

16.Height? 5'5 1/2

17.One thing you feel is missing in your life? Someone I can trust

18.Favorite show? Supernatural

19.Watch anime? Heck yes

20.(Finally) Longest relationship? Umm... I've never dated anyone sooo yeah.

Thank you for reading this boring Q&A... well if you did.
Anyways yeah. Have a nice day!