Lately I've been struggling with my friends, school and myself. This all started when we got to a new school.
Me and my friends used to get along so good and we always had fun and I enjoyed being with them but It's all different now..
So basically me and my friends started at a new school this year. The first few days were fine, I was happy to be in new school. It all changed tho. I have lots of friends but I still feel like I'm alone. I feel like I've changed a lot a past year and I have grown mentally. When I'm with my friends I always have a negative vibe. They always judge other people and they are very mean. I tried to tell them to be more kind to other people but they don't listen me. They started to laugh and film me when I was helping an old person who wasn't able to carry her bags, like I was trying to be nice and they just laugh at me.
I also feel like I have no one to talk to. I used to speak this kind of stuff with my two best friends but they are now kinda weird too.
I want to get to know new people at my school, but I feel like everywhere I go my friends follow me and I don't get to chance to meet new people.
Idk, I felt like this is the only way to tell how I feel..