It's 2017 and I've been a fan of jpop for a long while, and I've got to say I've never been this invested. I'll say so myself this is a great year for the country's music! This will be a list of music I recommend you to listen to. This will include other genres as well like hiphop and rock. Enough of that, let's begin!


Inspiring Image on We Heart It
This girl group always perform in such fabulous outfits, I always get mesmerized by them.

I have to admit, I was not a big fan of this group from their first single 'Girl Digger' but I've been respecting them as a group from their other music and humble words. This group has been gaining the attention of people from everywhere but I just wasn't that captured. But this single 'Bad Things' just tops even my favorite song by them 'Are You OK?' by a landslide. The strong vocals and strong chorus just makes this a song you just can't not dance too. I will be waiting for more music from this amazing group, hope you do to!


jpop, tgs, and tokyo girls style image

This is the single of the YEAR, Tokyo Girls Style are a group worthy of their fame. This song was so wavy, and the flow of their words just made this song feel so complete. The choreography in the mv is great to watch too. It may be just me but I don't see this group garner much attention, but they should! All in all, I have had this song stuck in my head since it came out, and I wouldn't mind just listening to the intrumental. Great song girls!


aaa image
A group full of charisma (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

Triple A, you already know, this single along with some others they have released have left me wanting more. I listen to this song whenever, wherever, and let me just say, I love the video and all the distribution of lines. I especially love the way the verses build up to this very gratifying chorus, yet keeping near the same beat throughout the whole song. And the break down truely does it's part. I definitely loved this song and I beg you to listen to it.


japanese, bullet train, and jpop image
Nylon just killed me with this picture.

This song is so cute, full of fun vibes, and the best of both. The musc feels like it's constantly rising and then a satifying music break happens that just makes me excited for the rest of the song. I especially love the colorful outfits and the music video is great for when you're feeling bad.


anna, happiness, and jpop image
Literal queens.

This song is so good I'm over reacting but I love EVERYTHING about the song and mv. Great rap parts, cool set and choreography, and their skin glows like GOLD. Wow what a concept I love these girls and all of their music band they look absolutely stunning in this mv. I recc this song to anyone just wanting an empowering song to sing in the car too.


jhiphop, aklo, and jay'ed image
A collab worth remembering and appreciating.

Rapper AKLO and vocalist JAY'ED came together for an EP called 'Sorry... Come Back Later'. An homage to 90's hiphop and they captured it perfectly! Aklo dropping down the sick rhymes and Jay'ed's smooth voice making the song more chill in their title track 'Different Man'. Music video is worth watching especially.

かなしいうれしい - FREDERIC

jpop and frederic image
Fun times always with this band.

This song is peppy and has a chorus that you just can't help but chant back. The song kind of has this feel that it will never end but it does, and when it does I get sad and just put it again just more than 3 times. It makes my day and get's me ready to do work, thanks Frederic!


Here are some songs that deserve some love too, they just couldn't fit in here due to them not being released this year TT

  • Me Too - Kowichi ft T-Pablow
  • Itano Tomomi - Gimme Gimme Luv
  • Hype - Madkid
  • Hello and Back to the Future - Da-iCE
  • I Can't Describe It - ANGERME
  • ラヴコリーダ - Kavka Shishido
  • LOSER - Kenshi Yonezu
  • キミはどう? - BEAST
  • 名もなきハッピーエンド - indigo la End

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you have found a new song to jam to!