Hey you guys I know its been awhile since I've mentioned me talking about me starting the articles thing well my reason for that is there are a lot of things I'm either doing or improving. Right now I'm in school and that's already stressful enough. Next, I'm trying to work on improving a lot of stuff in my life like I'm trying to improve my productivity and my organization. I'm also trying to get my permit so then I can have my license. So there is a lot going on in my life that I'm working on and improving. Enough about that here's some background information about me. My name is Kayla Henry I am currently 16 years of age. I love to read and write and I also love technology too. I like in Mississippi ( I will not tell where at ) and I'm also very unique in a lot of ways. My favorite color is black and gold and I love to listen to music. I'm very creative in some ways of life and I give good advice too. So that's enough about me tomorrow I will be back with a topic and something to say about that topic if you have any suggestions message me on here I will come up with a way for u guys to message me. I hope my advice helps someone in the future and I also hope it works out for you as well.