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My father needed alliances and he didn't need me. So I was sold into arranged marriage.
The Lord of Frostriver already had an heir and he didn't need me. He just wanted someone new and young to warm the seat of his dead wife.
The Lord of Frostriver was old and very tired, too old for his duty and still too proud to take any blame. So I was said sterile. The beautiful barren Lady of Frostriver.
I got no happiness from my marriage. Jewels, maybe, curtsies from the Lords and giggles form the servants, loneliness, and no warmth.
But a stone cold castle as a cage and snow winds, feeling heavy from emptiness, divine from chastity virtues. I could only ride my favorite horse in the woods sometimes, when the weather was mild. And like that, one day I met my heart in a parade. He was the young Lord of Dawntower, went to visit his ally, my husband.
I was thirsty for affection like September is thirsty for rain.
I was hollow inside with hunger and he filled me with heartache and fever and thunder. My fears crashed through the overwhelming desire for the weight of his bones, tearing me apart until I bled.
He had his own sad wife at home, but what did she know of freezing winter nights, cradling blizzards and making place in the ribcage for a whole another heart.
He had his own sad wife at home, but my husband, he was an early sleeper and we danced to the pace of the music in the light, to the pace of our hearts in the dark, until his whispers became dangerously familiar, until I bled no more.
- I want you to stay. No, I want you to take me, steal me away - the fireplace painting us gold and the bites painting us sinful.
- We need to dance with the truth -
Fingertips scorching the skin, wildflowers growing from it.
He said that he did but he didn't understand and when he left, with the taste of collarbones and secrets, I was hollow again of both of my hearts, I was not sterile, I was not divine.

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- The Naked and Famous - Young Blood (Renholdër Remix)
- Fall Out Boy - Immortals
- Troye Sivan - BITE
- Halsey - Haunting

he was the worst so far, but I loved him anyway :)
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