I hope after you read this, you'll also make your own list!

at the age of 27, i still don't know how to ride a bike... what a shame!

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i have a white stain on my teeth since i was a child & i don't know why...

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i hate worms with red furs

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when i look down, my other eye is smaller (it's actually natural but unnoticeable)

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i can be real messy when i'm stressed, but when i'm not, i make sure i clean everything before starting a certain task. i can't concentrate when i see things not placed in the proper location.

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My celebrity childhood crush was Aaron Carter

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i used to have a piercing in my tongue and eyebrow when i was still in high school and college.

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my first choice for my son's name was Zach but ended up with Kian Krizloh

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my daughter's name is Nirvana Alejandro.

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Cha-cha was my childhood name & irdk why i hated it so much...

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i might seem to be a quiet person but once u get to know me, u'l find out that i'm the opposite

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the weirdest thing i did when i got anry was to cut my hair by my own... happened twice and the shortest was up to my ear... it was so stupid! haha lol

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i used to be a member of the drum and lyre band during my elementary years

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my greatest enemy when i was a child is now the best person i can rely on, my sister ,Lycka.

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I love eating chocolates just like everybody else... but what i like most are the white chocy yum yum! :p

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I'd eat a lot and I'm not choosy

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My son's nickname is potpot (because he farts a lot when he was still a baby, hahahaha!)

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I love surprises but seldom do i get it. i'm the one surprising my loved ones & that's just fine with me

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if i could change 1 part of my body, that would be my big fat legs... duh? ^^

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i'll never get lost in a place i don't know even if i'm alone. maybe bec i love exploring new things

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i love listening to rock music

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i'm good at choosing second hand clothes. it's just that, nothing fits me!

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you don't want to argue with me, nobody does. it's hard to. i get mad easily

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My daughter was born on a Christmas Day

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my comfort food is simple but i love it... McDonald's Cheese Burger meal, then upgrade the coke to float esp the colored ones. or just halo-halo (Philippines)

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