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It seems people are responding to my first article really well, so you must be digging it and I'm so happy that you are! Hearts equal support on these things so thank you for all the love!

At the moment there are eight songs per article, this may change though. I also may add my own recommendations too.

All of these songs can be found on Spotify. I hope you enjoy!

Song Title: "Whiskey Tango"
Artist: Jack Savoretti
Single: Whiskey Tango
Genre: Folk
Friend: Chib - "It speaks to me."
NKN: It's got a good beat to it despite it's sad lyrics and I love Jack's raspy vocals. It says more about Chib's feelings right now than he realizes. Not that I'm going to tell him.

Song Title: "2U"
Artist: David Guetta, Justin Bieber
Single: 2U
Genre: Pop / Dance Pop
Friend: MJ
NKN: I guess it's the dance version of a love song? It's sweet, there's no doubt about that, but I wonder what it would sound like stripped back...

Song Title: "More Than You Know"
Artist: Axwell /\ Ingrosso
Single: More Than You Know (NKN: I still say it's an EP)
Genre: Dance Pop
Friend: Rocky
NKN: If you liked Swedish House Mafia then you'll probably like Axwell /\ Ingrosso, the duo is made up of two former members of SHM. It's a slo-mo drive along a dusty road with the top down and your hair flowing in the wind kind of song. You know what I'm saying?

Song Title: "Come My Way"
Single: Come My Way
Genre: Pop
Friend: Dreads - 'Lupe said this is a f#ckboy anthem but she never says anything good about anything I listen to so I don't care. This song is catchy af and Lupe can suck it.'
NKN: He told me to include the whole "suck it" business, I'm just giving him what he wanted. Don't come for me, L. Whether this a "f#ckboy anthem" or not, it has that kinda vibe that makes you want to sing along with it.

Song Title: "About You"
Artist: San Cisco
Album: Gracetown
Genre: Indie Pop
Friend: Bear

Song Title: "Crave"
Artist: Waterparks
EP: Cluster
Genre: Rock / Pop Punk
Friend: Tripp - 'I love playing this in the car, the volume turned up, tapping along on the steering wheel, and singing along with it. It's not exactly feel-good tune, but it always improves my mood.'

Song Title: "First Time He Kissed A Boy"
Artist: Kadie Elder
Album: B O Y
Genre: Pop
Friend: Jay - 'Every time I hear this song it brings me back to when I came out. Back to the confusion, the guilt, the shame, but also back to the way Tripp supported me and told me that he'd always be my best friend and that he loves me no matter what. It's really special to me.'
NKN: I asked Jay's permission to share that, because it's obviously a very personal reason to like a song, but he told me to go ahead. The song hadn't been released when he actually came out but when he found it, it really resonated with him. I admire Jay for sharing it with me, with us, and allowing me to share it with you guys.

Song Title: "Idle Town"
Artist: Conan Gray
Single: Idle Town
Genre: Indie
Friend: Jo - 'This song reminds me of my older brother. He's kind of a nomad, likes driving through places, you know? He's not a fan of staying in one place for too long. It's chill and soothing, just like him.'
NKN: For me, this song has a similar feel to Elliot Smith's musical style. I like both. I've only recently discovered Conan, thanks btw Jo, but I'm sure I'll love his other stuff too. (I've been informed he also has a youtube channel where he does covers, vlogs, a mish-mash of everything really- Jo's really raving about it, so if you wanna go check it out, here's a link ~ www.youtube.com/user/ConanXCanon/videos)

This has been Songs From Friends! I hope everyone liked it. I apologize if it was long-winded, or the layout was confusing. I may continue to do more of these, so if you like it let me know!

Thank you for reading!
~ Nkn ❤