"There was a girl and she was perfect. She had lovely short hair and gorgeous blue eyes. Her body was real. She wasn't the cookie cutter skinny mini, but she was still beautiful. Her beauty shined through, but no one could see it. Neither could she. Girl was so blind to the truth she made herself a slave to society. She spent every night throwing up beauty and bleeding perfection. Outside she painted on a smile, but inside she was holding up her white flag. Desirable blue eyes and short hair had become pitiful scars and bloodshot stares. Girl as unrecognizable; to others as well as to herself. Eventually she had become practically invisible. The body she possessed that had once reflected raw reality now reflected sleepless nights and skipped meals. girl spent every night falling apart. Drowning in a sea of her own tears. Oh lovely, sweet, beautiful girl... where did you go?

This was something I found crumpled up in my closet. I wrote it in English class last year (sophomore year.) When I was taking bathroom breaks just to cry. I did not think I would be where I am now, 365 days later. Now I value every second like it is my last. I love everyone no matter what decisions they make; if I like it or not. You never know what the person next to you is going through. Be respectful and let your kindness be present in every situation.

Things get better. They did for me. Don't kill yourself. Give it 365 days. You never know. Look at me now :'')