as i stand on this street corner and watch these two roads meet i suddenly feel at peace

maybe it’s because at my feet lies the intersection of two distinct paths merging at a point of vulnerability

maybe it’s because its a reminder of you and me and the blissful bond we once shared

without a care in the world i wrapped my arms around you to shelter you from the cold

two souls kept warm by each others company
two hearts dancing in the rain playfully

two minds with the same thing in mind you want me to be yours and i want you to be mine

i don’t know maybe i’m crazy
maybe time has finally outplayed me

maybe i’ve stopped seeing beauty in the little things
maybe i’ve stopped appreciating the gift life brings

maybe i’m in over my head

maybe i miss the familiar contours of your body under the chalk white sheets of my bed

i don’t know maybe this is normal
maybe i stopped being myself after you left

maybe this is all a test
maybe i failed and i couldn’t clean up the mess

maybe that’s why the rain suddenly feels colder on my skin
maybe that’s why whenever i try to apologize i don’t know where to begin or where to end all these things that i typed up in my mind and i want to tell you i just can’t bring myself to hit send

maybe i fucked up and i won’t admit it
maybe i’m a coward
seems like i’ve got all the time in the world maybe i should do something about it

i mean, every minute without you feels like an hour

maybe i’m a fool for distancing myself from you

maybe that’s why i couldn’t admit that i loved you

because for some reason i couldn’t accept that maybe,

just maybe,

you might have loved me too.

-Igor Oro
quotes, grunge, and lost image