This article is about how a simple song completely changed my vision and the way I saw the world. In this article, I want to thank Alessia Cara, even though she will probably never read this, for being such an amazing role model and inspiration for me, for being the reason I am better than the person I was a few months ago. I want to thank her for her inspiring courage, modesty and self-confidence. I want to thank her for writing "Scars to your beautiful".

That song has such a powerful message. It was the first song that really touched my heart, that taught me something I will never forget: EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL.

I used to look at people on the street and thinking that they are ugly or that they are really beautiful. I didn't think that it was wrong. I just thought that some people are born beautiful and others simply aren't. Then I listened to the song, and realised how close-minded I was. That song taught me to see beauty in everyone and everything. Taught me to look beyond the standards and fall in love with people's flaws and uniqueness. Now, I look at people on the street and think that they don't have to change anything about how they look, that they are original and extremely beautiful. Learn to enjoy and accept diversity, learn to accept yourself and love yourself because you are gorgeous, I know you are.

"You were born an original. Don't die a copy"

You must listen to "Scars to your beautiful" - by the truest artist I know, Alessia Cara