Hello guys, It's me again and today I've decided to star this article talking about my current diet....


I do not like having breakfast the same thing every day so I like to vary a bit and these are my three options:

  • Orange Juice
  • Rice milk
  • Red fruits Tea with biscuits.



Within a few days I will start school and usually do not like to have lunch at 3 pm (when I get home), much less cook, so usually I prefer to eat:

  • Toast
  • Pasta ( If I've decide to cook)
  • A simple salad (Lettuce, tuna and sweet corn)


Living in Italy means eating pasta almost every day, but there are some options like fish and chicken; the pizza is traditionally eaten on Friday nights.


I eat an apple after the lunch and I prefer to drink a cup of tea after dinner.

I'm also drinking only water, and I'm trying to avoid junk food, as a snack i eat yogurt.

This is everything for now and I hope next time give you some tips on how to be motivated.
Ciao e Grazie Mile.