So I personally deal with anxiety and I thought making an article would help others a little :)

1) breathe when you are feeling anxious and like you aren't good enough (because you obviously are beyond good enough).

2) try different apps to help. (I use "pacifica" and "booster buddy").

3) seek professional help. Even if they don't help much, its great to vent.

4) distract yourself from invasive thoughts. I know this is very hard, but try drawing to stop.

5) keep a journal to record what you're feeling before an anxiety attack and what you are thinking about before (if something triggered it).

6) if you are having a sensory overload, try removing yourself from the room and take a break.

7) your mental health comes before school, so if you are up late and you are freaking out just do it the next day.

8) getting hot baths personally help me calm down.

9) write down everything you need to do and schedule when to do it, so you don't feel overwhelmed.

alright that's all I can think of on the top of my head, so I hope this helped a little bit.
Stay beautiful loves <3