Hi, My name is Sydney and let's say i have had many crushes in the past and quit frankly i have not just one but perhaps two at the moment. it sucks ass sometimes, you can never go up to them and talk because you're just too shy or maybe you do but it doesn't work out in your favour. now i've never told my crush anything, yes we've talked and all but that's as far as it's been.

"you make me nervous, like butterflies swarming my stomach making me almost sick.
when i glance over i see you already looking, i look away too scared to keep the eye contact, i look back and you're still looking, do i have something on my face?
you're constantly on my mind, when i wake up, go to school, during work, trying to sleep, when will you leave?"

anyway, if you ever have this feeling, you do you. go after him and talk to him, maybe you'll hit it off, don't let anyone tell you not to.