When I first time went to ballet party, my dad told me he will give me a hard solo to dance, he told I should work hard for it!
And It was a popular dance that not everyone can dance!
But I said it will be easy it looks easy! So I didn't care about it so much!
I thought that I can do it simply.
But when I first started, dancing it I realized how hard this will be for me.

Then I changed my point shoes, and I had to work much harder on this point shoes! because I never changed my point shoes from first time I wore it, and I think that it was like 2 years, 2 years dancing on the same point shoes and then change it, this needs work.
But I worked for it! not hard but I worked.
Then I started to think and I decided to work hard for it, but it was really late for it because I've lost all the hard work for 2 years ago.

Now, am 14 and I have to study but in the same time I have to work hard and hard for this dance.
but it is really hard sometimes I say like, why my dad chose he know that I will not do it r It or it will take long time with me to dance it well, maybe 2 years or 1 year.

Now, I am trying to dance it and sometimes I even cry for how hard it is for me, sometimes I say I want stop trying and leave myself, u guys go on youtube search for "La Esmeralda variation" and just try to dance it with a new point shoes and see how loser you will feel.

But even if I cry and even if I sometimes say I wanna quit and stop trying, I will try, work hard and dance it! then I will be proud of myself.
Never give up guys, maybe my story is not interesting for you but it is ready hard story for me.
Always guys look at the positive side! and never forget that god has a plan for you!
That's my Esmeralda variation story.
Layanna Goussarov."Dancer, Human"