I wish I could burn the letters I wrote to you and that way I could erase you too, but truth is you forced me to look in others the love I couldn't get from you, how could I receive from someone else what only my first love could give me? Every night I wait for a sign from you, and everyday I hope to see you again and make it all right this time ,at the top of my lungs I wish to scream at you how much I still love you, how I look for you in every face I see and every heart I hold, I don't know how to write anymore to make you understand what you did to me and how much I still have you running through my veins because you are not with me but within me, everyday I walk with that part of you in me and I hold on to it no matter how each day passes by, I can't make out wether I miss you more or I'm actually moving on I just watch my life pass by while feeling that emptiness you left In me, it's like I'm stuck in the past and I can't do anything about it because no matter how much I fall for others I can't love anyone because you are still In me , you are still the only person I want to feel, You're still the only one I write about, you are still the only one I want.