Author Rachel Wolchin has said „If we were meant to stay in one place, we‘d have roots instead of feet“ and I couldn‘t agree more. All my life I have dreamt about travelling the world. I know what you‘re thinking... No, I‘m not the person who wants to go to Paris for the Eiffel Tower or USA to live my american dream. I want something different. And let me share it with you.

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My adventure starts with a trip to a shop where I buy a huge hiking backpack, some clothes, a tent, a mini stove, sleeping bag and a bit of food. Not too much but enough to survive.

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Then, I spend a day or two figuring out my route, my destination and the length I want to go. I start from East Europe and go to the west.If you didn‘t figure it out yet, I‘m travelling on foot only. I walk long distances, through cities and through forests.

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Sometimes I sleep in cheap motels, sometimes in a tent, in a forest. I stop at interesting places, carnivals, parades or fairs.

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I find friends that I spend a few nights with by the sea, talking about life, drinking, laughing, playing ukulele‘s and singing by the fire at night before deciding to go swim naked.

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After a few weeks I perform with my ukulele in a cafe I find unexpectedly. I meet a person whose thoughts change my life and I learn something.

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When I‘m on my way, in the middle of nowhere, I find more friendly travellers who join me. They tell me their hiking stories and their goals.

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After a month or two I feel tired, exhausted but at the same time motivated to finish this. I see some of the most amazing nature miracles on my way and dont want to leave.

Image by Suzie Rae

One day, I come back home with a bunch of memories and maybe photographs. Ready to start a brand new life.... or maybe repeat my trip.

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